Beauty Review: Unboxing My Mini Mask Haul from Althea Korea

althea korea mask haul 00

Hello everyone! Today I have another unboxing post to share with all of you. I know it has been a while since I last shared a shopping haul from Althea. I am not too crazy on spending on skincare lately because, as I have mentioned in my previous posts, I am trying to use up the products that I have in my stash before plunging into new purchases.

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Beauty Review: BeautyMNL Official Mobile App Launch | Unboxing my Mini Haul from BeautyMNL

beauty mnl app

Happy Monday to everyone! I shall begin this week with a good news from one of my most favorite local online beauty shops.

Just last week, BeautyMNL finally launched their official mobile app. The BeautyMNL App is a super seamless, swagged-out version of the Shop, featuring over 500 beauty brands and close to 15,000 products for your shopping pleasure. Here are just some of the cool things you can look forward to when you download the app:

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A Collection of Pink + One Lovely Blog Award

pink flatlay 00

No other color makes me giggle the way pink does.

Some people think that a certain preference for a color is simply a phase that one would outgrow soon enough. But as for me, I carry this penchant for all things pink and pastel all the way to my adulthood and I don’t think I shall ever get tired of collecting pink things and staring at pink photos all day long.

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Beauty Review: 8 Ways to Use Aloe Vera Gel

8 ways to use aloe vera gel 00

When it comes to skincare, nothing beats the excellent benefits of nature’s goodness. One of these natural wonders is the Aloe Vera which is considered as an all-time soothing salve for almost all kinds of skin discomfort.

Thankfully, we no longer have to cut Aloe Vera in our backyards the way our grannies did in the old times. Today, there are plenty of readily-available Aloe Vera gels in the market to suit our different needs. For today’s blog post, I listed down some of the clever ways to use Aloe Vera gel. Have fun reading!

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Beauty Review: My Sunscreen Essentials

beauty review my sunscreen essentials 00

Summer is just around the corner and for most people, it is that time of the year to scout the shelves for effective sunscreens. But while it is important to be extra mindful in keeping our face and body safe from the sun this summer, every skincare manual stresses the equally important task of using sunscreen all year round. Studies suggest that daily use of sunscreen not only lessens the chance of acquiring sunburn but reduces other potentially harmful sun damage as well.

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At the Mercy of Mnemosyne

The end of February always brings a certain kind of sadness to me: sharp, weighty and wordless like a falling dagger to the chest, hammering through the flesh and beating my heart to death. Out of all the months in the year, February is the most difficult to say goodbye to, because the farewell only acknowledges the arrival of a new month, my birth month, and that for me is more than terrifying.

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Wander Weekly 02: Reflections on Living in the City and Hearing as an Involuntary Human Activity


There are reasons why we stay up late at night. Mine comes in a form of an escape, a flight outside the walls of this loud, blaring inferno that is the life in the city.

I live at the heart of Manila, right at the center of the ventricle of a machine that generates every kind of pollution known to man and made by man: you have car exhausts belching black smoke into the air like some kind of black magic; you have households pregnant with domesticated waste; you have headlines broadcasting the ghastly horror of the metropolis; and finally you have noise: earsplitting, endless like the wailing of a ghost that can not be still.

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Beauty Review: Testing out this Easy & Simple Korean Skincare Hack using Cotton Pads


I’m pretty sure that if there is one thing we K-Beauty lovers can’t get enough of, it would be sheet masks. No die-hard K-Beauty fan can possibly deny the convenience sheet masks bring in hydrating and moisturizing our skin.

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Beauty Review: First Impression on CosRx Top 3 Best Sellers (Sample Set Review)


Hello everyone! Let’s jump start this week with a first impression review on CosRx Top 3 Best Sellers. CosRx (Cosmetic + Rx) is a cult-fave Korean skincare brand which is best known for its state-of-the-art innovation in integrating high-quality natural ingredients with the most optimal scientific research and in creating effective skincare products for all skin types. With its HG status, it comes as no surprise that CosRx is raved and recognized by the global skincare community.

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Beauty Review: Nella Fantasia Honey One Snail Ultra Moisture Cream


Hello everyone! Today’s beauty review is all about Nella Fantasia Honey One Snail Ultra Moisture Cream. Nella (or Nella Fantasia) is a Korean skincare brand under Planet Beauté Cosmetics. There wasn’t much information available on the Internet about the brand, but you can check out Nella Fantasia’s official website here.

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Film Feature: Romantic Love is Overrated. Here are 10 Films that Explore the Complicated Reality Behind Real Love

Happy post-Valentine’s Day everyone! I was trying to come up with a mushy blog post for V-Day but hard as I try, I couldn’t squeeze anything from my head. (You cannot write what you don’t know after all.) Not that I am completely cynical about Valentine’s Day, it’s just I couldn’t care less about all the romantic hullabaloo that are always associated with this day. Let’s just say that years and years of reinforcement does that to you.

To compensate for my apparent lack of interest in anything romantic, I made a list of films that explore the complicated reality behind this strange human connection we define as love. In their own unique way, these films portray a suppressed version of love: one that we don’t often see in books and films, but nonetheless acknowledge in real life.

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Wander Weekly 01: Insights on Instagram, Online Shopping and Responsible Hauling


For the past few days, I have been mulling to myself about putting up a weekly section in this blog, so much like Siddathornton’s The Sunday Currently but something more personalized, something I can freely call my own. For some reasons, I feel like The Sunday Currently is already too crowded with bloggers, and I have a particular disinterest for anything too inhabited, too occupied (or one could say, too mainstream).

For this time on, I will be posting reflections on just about anything under the sun in this new section I tagged as Wander Weekly. This will be one of the first attempts to document my thoughts again and to recover the art of writing which has been buried somewhere deep in my disregard for language and thought.

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