The Eleventh Month

Light the flickering candle with hope
of taking back all that was lost in the ashes
Ignite the flames of our long-forgotten memories
To recapture the warmth of something in the past

Blow the dust off the crumbling tombstone
Gather away the moss of our mistakes
To pave the way for the vows we once echoed
In the stillness of the late evening skies

For all the stars have witnessed in awe
Two hearts that were once intertwined
The markings foretell a promise of forever
All that was written on the epitaph of love

Drown in the depths of this eerie silence
As November comes to haunt us again
Mount another candlestick to swallow the imminent darkness
An escape from the torment of remembering

Breathe in as I’m dying to breathe out
Shattered hopes of a promised forever
Sing a requiem for my dearly departed
In hope of finally moving on

Throw the empty words like child’s play
As we bury the memories only to dig them all again
An endless chain of loving and letting go
Like our calloused hearts that never learn

A string of words to punctuate finality
Like time immemorial
A pathetic poetry for a pathetic purpose
All in remembrance of love


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