The Woman Behind The Idea and The Efforts To Contain The Demiurgos circa December 2011

Once or twice! has had the woman been seen
Sparked a gravity left borders within
Her limbs lure enclothed with feathers royale
Smooth skin could only recall withal

A lateral pulling, whirring was tied
Hell, by prudence! slit this urge denied
Academes Lyceums let all befall!
No legend foresaw cute woman this tall

Should there need be echoes her verbs concealed?
Severed my ribs asunder heart revealed!
You drifting princess whom my dreams desire
Pacify Demiurgos by blood add fire

Ought gods contain one rare subtle affair:
Shakespearean predilection burned his pair.
Under city glints, fairies vampires heed,
Wage Holocaust for coffee cups by deed!

Derridian l’avenir both of us knew
Raise sons and daughters soul dips into you

It was December of last year when I asked him to write a poem for me.  It must be some kind of a strange feminine instinct or perhaps I simply wanted him to make something out of his flat, emotionless words. But either way who would have thought that he could actually stir up such a deep and heartfelt poetry? He sent me a bunch of  numbers via SMS and I had to decode them—with only my cellphone as the source of light inside the darkened room—to squeeze out the words. It was as if the poem was some sort of a Morse code and I was the giggling young romantic trying to decipher the message. When all the decoding was over and all the words came out, I had with me that December night the sweetest words to ever be written in numbers.

Sweet guy.


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