A Day of Letting Go

There was a silver metallic bag sitting at the corner of the room. I haven’t had the guts to really look at the things inside it up until this day. It was actually worn out now, this cute little hand bag. Rusty and faded, it felt like it has endured a century or so. It had a tough time during my first year in college as it was the most frequently used. It housed a lot of special memories, been to a lot of places. But today I finally decided to let it go. Years of loyalty and usefulness have served me well. I guess it’s time we let it go.  I mean, everything is imperishable and everyone needs space too.


A Girbaud leather wallet, a Papelmeroti notepad, Timezone game cards, some eyeshadows, blushers and empty tubes of mascaras and lipsticks.


Cinema tickets I collected during my first semester in college. How they scream of so much memories. How my heart has finally moved on.


A few expensive pieces from Mom.


Mascaras are supposed to last only for as long as three months. A few pieces have definitely outlived their life expectancy.  Now they’re all sticky and smelly and needs to be tossed away.


So much for a Saturday clean-up. So long, beauty buddies.


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