Wake Me Up When Summer Ends

Sleepless nights like these call for sleepless ruminations. In the presence of this hot April evening my mind is driven away to the far-flung corners of my consciousness and brings to remembrance the many things of the past. And by that I mean a recent past, a freshly-brewed yesterday. Not the remote and distant kind that requires a handful of effort to remember.

In more ways than one, this unwished-for wakefulness creates for itself a temporary home for these memories to take shelter. For the first few months of the year I had been on a one huge roller coaster ride that took me through the ups and downs, in a sweeping 360 degrees, of academic life. The lists of the things to do and the nervy deadlines seemed almost impossible to be accomplished. But gratefully, at the end of the semester everything that I had worked hard for has finally paid off. In the end I was able to savor upon the sweet fruit of my labor and to cherish the victory of overcoming not just the herculean demands of the academe but as well as the weighty struggle within myself.

It would be a tell-tale story to enumerate and specify all that has happened since the semester ended last March so I guess I shall leave the rest to memory. As quickly as time went by so has the summer break slipped unnoticed and left me with days on end without anymore deadline to meet or task to accomplish. Also, the all-too obvious fact that the summer heat was intolerable only added to the weight of this summer syndrome.  But later on, as you get to slide past all the inconveniences and through the slow steady phase of mature introspection you get to accept the fact that there is no way in putting up a fight with something that’s inevitable, or more specifically, fleeting. I get to realize that summer is for fun and starting today, no matter how cliché it may sound, I shall keep that in mind. There is satisfaction in seeing how these summer days turned out and will still turn out. There are still a lot more books to read, a lot more lessons to learn. So for now I shall cherish this season and get to live each day, one sunshine at a time.


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