Deep in the Abyss

Some days are just bright, like anything is possible. Days like that are weightless, easy. One does not or can not feel the burden of existing in a world that is hell. But some days are darker, lonelier. It echoes the sound of a condemned soul locked up in a condemned world.

I am trying my hardest, to feel neither pain nor pleasure. I am trying to transcend life and death, to a point where even my very own existence does not mean a thing. I am trying to seek the beauty of this infinite nothingness where even purpose, meaning and sense lose their respective places in the web of human life. I am sick of asking ‘why’ whenever I feel this throbbing pain in the chest that tells me something is missing, something is lost. I am tired of finding ‘how’ the great grand universe conspires to make my dreams a reality. There is no greater power outside me. There is no dream. I am my own universe.


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