Make a Lemonade

When life throw lemons at you, what will you do?

Most people would say “Make a lemonade”, which in my own interpretation means that you make something useful, something beneficial, out of what was thrown at you. And in some cases when life decided, out of spontaneity, to throw you at an unexpected place and time, you really lose all sense of coping mechanisms to pull you through that situation and adapt instead to the given moment. (And doesn’t existential philosophy knows this too well: this throwness of Being in the world.) But every moment is fleeting, transitory. And eventually, every attempt for and of adaptation quickly becomes a step away from an exit, and closer to confusion. Which brings you to your last resort: to improvise.

You make whatever you can make out of the shit that you’ve been given, which is very much the same like making lemonades only that this option comes only after you have exhausted all others. And after all of that, life will pull you out again of that given situation and leave you alone for a minute, for a while— enough to make you reflect on the actions you take and the ones that you didn’t take. And so, when life decides to abandon you temporarily, you begin to wonder about the stillness of life in the absence of the circumstances, the short-lived chance to experience one’s own existence, to feel alive, to feel human.

What I had experienced in PHIL 2153 yesterday was more than just a test for me as a Philosophy major. It was more of a challenge to summon my soul by a Higher power not necessarily outside of me but that which emanates in me, fills me up like a spirit, dwells in the innermost corners of my heart as well as in the world that I am living in. There is something about this throwness that makes human existence so peculiar yet so profound. And before I knew it, I was dazzled by how beautiful it unraveled in the end: that in the midst of my throwness in the world, my spirit chose to break not.  It left me breathless how the resiliency, the unflinching courage of man against the cosmic forces clearly reveals itself in moments like these. Surely, when life throw lemons at you, you make a lemonade. And after thatwatermelons, anyone?


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