Quick Post

So much has happened yesterday that I cannot even begin to count them all, much more to tell them all with vivid exactness. But I can feel them beneath my skin, with so much power, so much clarity. I can feel the weight of their eyes as I stood,  for the very first time as a Philosophy major, on that platform and spoke with ease about things I thought I would never be able to utter. I can feel the air blowing in my head like a tornado and how after such an intense blow I felt more calm and composed. I can feel the sound of assurance from within my heart that tells me I can make it through.

There is so much in overcoming as that priceless feeling of conquering your wildest fears, of conquering yourself. I will never forget the 9th of September as the day I overcame. For the very first time in such a very long time I felt that unmistakable desire to burst open, to explode, to rip myself apart in so much joy, so much gladness.

Dear God, thank you. Even as this ego-centric, overly-skeptical, hypercritical, agnostic Philosophy major, you have not failed to shower me with Your love, your sweet love. I lift it all to You,


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