Marching Meltdown

Hello blog! I have not written much for quite some time because of the crazy deadlines at the university and of all the unimaginable pressure from thesis writing. I do not have any grand plans for my upcoming birthday on the 15th as I would spend every ounce of my time on reconstructing my chapters. But it was a very good thing (and I am very happy for this) that my thesis adviser was finally able to get an initial overview of my proposed thesis, and more than that, to congratulate me for braving the road less traveled (At least academically, since I will be writing on Proust and Deleuze)


Note: Congratulations for taking on this theme and attempting to make it fly.

I hope I can still give your work justice through my comments. The paper is not impenetrable, however the reader is assumed to have a good grasp of the history of philosophy already before reading.”

I have to get back to all my papers now.


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