Beauty Haul: Unboxing My First Pink Boxes from Althea Korea | My Shopping Experience and Site Review

Hello everyone! For this blog entry, allow me to share my brimming excitement and happiness over my very first pink boxes from Althea Korea.

To provide a brief introduction: Althea Korea is a South Korea-based online shopping site which offers a wide variety of Korean makeup and skincare products. What sets Althea Korea apart from most online stores is that all the products they offer come straight from Korea—no middle men, no unreasonable tax charges, no counterfeit items. Everything is delivered fresh from Korea and straight to our doorsteps.

I first came across this site a few months ago while I was browsing Facebook. Their advertisement popped out of nowhere, and seeing the pink and pretty advertisement had me running to their site pronto.

They were not yet offering COD at that time (and I personally don’t like card transactions online as most of my shopping spree on the Internet are on cash-on-delivery basis) so I had to walk away from the site feeling like the greatest loser of all. Then after some time, they started to offer COD, and that was when I decided to place my first ever purchase from the site.

I placed my order last June 7 (Tuesday). The next day, I browsed through the site once again and added to cart some other new products. At Althea, you really wouldn’t run out of things to love, plus every now and then they have promos and freebies. At June 9 (Thursday), I placed another order again.

tracking 2Tracking details are provided by the courier partner

It took about a week for my orders to be processed. On June 13 (Monday), I received an email that my parcel has been shipped. And just two days after, my pink boxes arrived at my doorstep! A text message from Althea’s delivery man came at 11 am today, and at around 1 pm in the afternoon I was able to get a hold of my pink pretty boxes.

Time for unboxing!

The boxes were wrapped in a thick pink plastic sleeve with a note attached to them containing all the delivery information.


The boxes were also covered in bubble wrap to ensure the safety of the products.


My heart broke a little when I noticed a slight dent on one of the pink boxes. But thankfully the products inside were undamaged.


Everything were carefully wrapped in bubble wrap.


Here are what’s inside the first box:

  1. Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cleansing Oil
  2. Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer for Super Long Lash
  3. Piolang Raspberry Hair Vinegar 
  4. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
  5. Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Sleeping Pack
  6. Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Emulsion
  7. It’s Skin Power 10 VC Effector


Here are what’s inside the second box:

  1. Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash off
  2. The SAEM Healing Tea Garden White Tea Cleansing Water
  3. Nella Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream
  4. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Foam
  5. It’s My Case Puff
  6. Skinfood Rice Mask Wash off
  7. It’s My Boa Puff
  8. It’s My Auto Lip Brush
  9. It’s My Point Shadow Brush
  10. It’s My NBR Square Puff

I was so happy to receive a total of four freebies!


I was very satisfied with my first ever K-Beauty haul.



5 out of 5 stars

What I like:

  • They have a wide selection of Korean makeup and skincare products.
  • They guarantee their items authentic and fresh from Korea.
  • They offer Korean beauty products at such affordable prices.
  • They have the prettiest packaging.

What I don’t like:
None that I can think of.

Will I purchase from them again?
Yes, that’s for sure.

Will I recommend them?
Yes, most definitely. I recommend them to everyone who loves K-Beauty and and are looking for an online shop that offers Korean beauty products at a very affordable price.

I am not paid or compensated to write this post.
All opinions expressed in this post are my own.
All items featured in this post are purchased through my own means.

That is all for today’s blog post.
See you again in the next one.

Thank you for dropping by! 💕wander-summer-blog-signature

16 thoughts on “Beauty Haul: Unboxing My First Pink Boxes from Althea Korea | My Shopping Experience and Site Review

  1. Hi! Thanks for reviewing your purchase from Althea. I’m planning to buy from them – it’ll be my first time – so I was wondering if you had to pay customs when your package came? I’m terrified of Philippine customs. LOL


    1. Hello there! I understand the dread you feel regarding PH customs taxes. I felt the same way too before, but no worries. As for my experience, I didn’t have to pay for any additional taxes. I just paid the total amount for my order.

      I hope this helps and have a great time shopping at Althea.
      Thanks for dropping by!


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