Beauty Bytes: 10 Korean Beauty Products You Can Buy at Althea Korea for P100 and less

Whether you are looking for an affordable present for a friend, or scouting for some new skin care products to try, or just simply giving yourself a beauty treat for the weekend—shopping for your beauty knick-knacks need not cost a fortune and send your budget down the drain.

Get your money’s worth and check out these affordable Korean beauty products at Althea Korea.

1. Lip Pack
Let’s jump start the list with these colorful and trendy lip packs from Pure Smile. pure-smile-choosy-lip-packInfused with a variety of essential oils and plant extracts, these gel-like lip masks work to bring ample nourishment to your lips and to prep your pucker for that luscious, smooch-ready effect.
Got some extra time for an extended lip pack routine? Check out Holika Holika’s Gold Monkey Glamour Lip 3 Step and get ready to go monkey crazy with how great your lips will look soon after.

2. Nose Pack
holika-holika-pig-nose-clear-black-head-3-step-kit-1Who nose why blackheads and whiteheads are so hard to get rid of? But fret no more! Althea Korea offers some of the most affordable and effective nose packs that will surely bring no damage to your budget. Check out this 3 step kit from Holika Holika.

3. Sheet Mask
No beauty routine is ever complete without this all-time favorite Korean cult classic. But while sheet mask is deemed to be a prized possession of any skin care enthusiast, it should not break anyone’s purse or cost a hefty fortune. Thankfully, at Althea Land there are a lot of sheet masks to choose from and at such good a price that will make you wanna scream, “Sheet!” Shop for more sheet masks here.

Oops! Don’t forget to give your eyes some love. The Tony Moly’s Panda Dream Eye Patch not only looks cute on the eyes, it is nice and friendly on the budget too.

4. Wash-off Mask
half-moon-eyes-pink-fruityOne very satisfying and relaxing way to pamper yourself on a weekend is by indulging in a scrumptious beauty treat. Try out these cute but effective capsule recipe packs from Innisfree and pink fruity mask packs from Half Moon Eyes and your skin will thank you later.

Wanna spend a little more on wash-off packs? Check out other variants here.

5. Cleansing Tissue
calmia-cleansing-tissueEveryone who knows the challenge of creating on-fleek, on-point makeup also understands the struggle of taking makeup off and removing every inch of junk on the face at the end of the day. Cleansing tissue comes in very handy for days when one is simply too tired or too lazy to do a full face cleansing routine. Stock up on this beauty essential from Calmia.

6. Hand Creamits-my-hand-cream
If you are into anything cute and pocket-sized, you might love these perfume hand creams from It’s My. They come in adorable pastel squeeze bottles and consist of four delicious scents: Sugar Day, Deep Romance, Honey Berry and Baby Bubble.

7.  Bubble Maker
Make cleansing time a lot more fun with It’s My Bubble Maker. This face mesh helps in deep cleansing pores. It comes with a comfortable ring handle and sports a minimalist black and white design.

8. Brushes and Puffs
its-my-brushAll make-up lovers, rejoice! Althea Korea brings to K-beauty world the cheapest but functional high-quality standard make-up brushes and cushion puffs. I personally recommend their auto lip brush and cushion puff priced at only P40 each.its-my-eye-maker

9. Eyelash Curler
Easy on the eyes—and on the budget too. This eyelash enhancing tool not only comes in an excellent quality, it also retails at a very lost-cost price, even cheaper than those that are sold in malls. Did I also mention that it comes with an extra replacement pad? No wonder this eyelash curler is such a best seller.

10. Nail File witch-nail-care
From head to toe, Althea Korea offers an extensive array of the most essential beauty products in the world of beauty and skin care. This handy nail file from Witch Pouch is sure to keep every beauty junkee’s nails all clean and prepped up, at a price that is next to nothing. If you want to go a little overboard, you can also snag the entire nail collection and have an ultimate mani-pedi experience at the comforts of home.

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice*

I am not paid or compensated to write this review.
All opinions expressed in this post are my own.
All items featured in this post are purchased through my own means.

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