Arts and Crafts Haul: Hooray for Washi Wednesday

Hello everyone! I just want to share my recent haul which I received in the mail yesterday. I have been a long-time fan of anything and everything DIY, but ever since I discovered Japanese paper masking tapes or more popularly known as washi tapes, more than a year ago, I got even more excited to do more crafty projects.

Here is a snapshot of some of the newest addition to my washi tape collection. Yay!


The moment I received my washi tapes yesterday, I immediately played with them as a child would play with her favorite toy. I was just so happy with how cute and pretty they are! As a result, I got into personalizing my journal, my desk organizer and even my closet door. *giggles* I also decorated my Chanel lippies and added some sparkles to them. Pretty fancy, huh?


There are a few more arts and crafts stuff which I am waiting to receive in the mail any time soon. I will be writing a separate blog post when I finally receive them all. It has been almost a week since the items were shipped out but they have not arrived yet. The upcoming holiday is already making itself felt as early as now by the apparent delay in shipping time. Everyone’s on crazy shopping mode these days—and here I am telling myself to calm down, trying to teach myself some self-control.


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