Beauty Review: It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

Hello everyone! Today’s blog post is a review on It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Vitamin C (VC) Effector. This is my first time to write a product review on It’s Skin, and by way of an introduction I would like to provide a brief background about this brand.

It’s Skin is a leading cosmetic brand in Korea that strives to enhance skin’s natural beauty. Developed by dermatologists from Seoul University, the modern skin care solutions combine natural ingredients and state-of-the-art science with innovative and fun packaging.

I received my Power 10 Formula VC Effector as a freebie from my first ever haul from Althea Korea last June.

I initially wanted to buy this product because I wanted to incorporate essences or serums into my skincare routine. But there were so many skincare products to choose from at Althea Korea, so I decided to drop the Power 10 Formula VC Effector and picked some of the best-sellers from Etude House, Innisfree and Skinfood instead.  Imagine my surprise when I received my pink box and found the Power 10 Formula VC Effector inside! *hooray for freebies*

Let’s head over to the review.

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

its skin vc effector review image

Product Description

 The It’s Skin Power 10 VC Effector claims to brighten skin for a more even skin tone and promote a fair healthy complexion.

Usage Instruction

After toning, apply an ample amount of the serum on your fingers and massage thoroughly onto your face.


it's skin vc effector product ingredient

Quantity | Price | Availability

30 ml | PHP 390 | Althea Korea

Prior to the VC Effector, I was using the Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Cream which boasts of Pure Lemon Essence as one of its primary ingredients. I love skin care products with Vitamin C in them so by the time I got the It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector on hand, I was really excited to try it out.


The It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector comes in a small glass bottle. It contains 30 ml of product.


The product information is written in Korean.


The container has a dispenser and a plastic cap cover.


The dispenser resembles a medicine dropper. I prefer serums this way because the dropper really helps in distributing the product from the bottle easily. It feels like giving vitamins to your skin.


As for the consistency, it comes in a slightly thick form but as you massage it onto your face, the product eventually thins out and allows itself to be absorbed by the skin. My skin type is oily but I don’t find this serum heavy or sticky at all.

its skin power 10 formula vc effector 07

I like to massage the product evenly and allow it to sit on my skin for a minute or two before proceeding with my skin care routine. It glides smoothly and evenly when you spread out the product, and it is very easily absorbed by the skin.

its skin power 10 formula vc effector 08

In no time, you will notice how plump and refreshed your skin feels after the serum is absorbed. It also has a nice citrus smell to it which I find relaxing, but the scent may be bothersome for some people.

its skin power 10 formula vc effector 09


4.5 out of 5 stars

What I like:

  • It does everything that it claims—from lightening the skin to making it feel smooth and even. When I use this product at night, I always notice a brightening effect on my face the morning after. But nothing like a porcelain-white kind of effect but more of a healthy glow which I really love. (My skin loves Vit. C!)
  • It smells really fresh and relaxing.
  • It comes with a dropper for easy product dispensing.

What I don’t like:
I find the 30ml bottle a bit small for a skin care product. I wish It’s Skin serums would come in greater quantities ’cause I want to save myself the inconvenience of repurchasing every now and then.

Will I repurchase?
Probably at some point. I also want to try out other variants from the Power 10 Formula Line.

Will I recommend?
Yes! I recommend the It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Vitamin C Effector to those who are just starting out on essences and serums. This product is a great serum starter because it is affordable and very easy to use.

I am not paid or compensated to write this review.
All opinions expressed in this post are my own.
All items featured in this post are purchased through my own means.

That is all for today’s blog post.
See you again in the next one.

Thank you for dropping by! 💕wander-summer-blog-signature


13 thoughts on “Beauty Review: It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

  1. I love this review format! It’s concise and non-rambly! Your picture editing and watermark placement are A+ too!

    This serum has been sitting in my wishlist for a really long time now. After this review, I think I’m going to purchase it soon-ish!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you June!

      I am new to beauty blogging and most of my product reviews are a work in progress, but I am glad that you appreciate this post.

      I see you are into skincare too. Hope you get to try the serum soon. 💕


  2. Hi! Thanks for the review! Just wanted to ask how you store this Vitamin C serum? Does it need to be stored in the fridge? Thanks!


    1. Hi! I am not quite sure if the serum has to be stored in the fridge. I haven’t tried doing that. I store mine inside the closet, away from direct sunlight. Hope this helps! 💕


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