Beauty Haul: My Roller Coaster Experience as a First Time Beta Tester | Official Launching of Althea Korea’s Android and iOS Mobile App | Unboxing my December Haul

Althea iOS Mobile App Beta Testing Program

Early last month, I received an email from the Malaysian lifestyle blogger, founder of The Butterfly Project and Althea Korea’s Head of Creative Communications, Social Media and Editorial, Ms. Tammy Lim, inviting me to register as one of the 50 beta testers for Althea Korea’s Mobile App.

Since it was my first time to participate in beta testing, I was so excited but at the same time completely clueless as to what to expect in the process. But thankfully, Ms. Tammy was very patient with us and sent us email updates from time to time regarding the mobile app progress.

Fast forward to the TestFlight beta testing period, we were given one week to install and test the app and to report bugs and errors. We were also given shopping credits to shop on the app and to place our orders.

Since it was my first time as a beta tester, I actually expected that the testing would go smoothly as I had imagined. You know, you shop on the app, encounter an error, report a bug, receive bug fix, shop on the app again, and live happily ever after. But no, the entire process was very challenging! If it was tough for me, I could only imagine how tough it must be for the IT team or for Ms. Tammy who has to keep the bloggers on the loop for the latest updates on beta testing.


Here are some of the bugs I reported to Ms. Tammy. The sold out error was resolved almost immediately, but the checkout error lasted for a few more days. I tried checking out multiple times but the error persisted and my order was automatically cancelled.

Here’s where it got a little crazy.The beta testing period was about to end and we were still not able to successfully place an order. After a few more days, Ms. Tammy announced that the beta testing period is closing and we only have one more day left to try to checkout again. I tried once again but my order still didn’t push through. It was really saddening.

Just when I thought that the beta testing project has failed, after two days Ms. Tammy sent us an email once again, informing us that the checkout error was finally fixed and that our exclusive shopping codes were still valid. Hooray! She gave us the go-signal to test the app once more.

On my final attempt, everything went perfectly smooth. The navigation speed also improved impressively. I was so happy that everything  worked out well. There were no more add to bag errors, price errors, sold out errors, and any of those minor bugs. When I went to the checkout page, I entered my shopping code and ticked the No Payment Information Required which Ms. Tammy carefully instructed us to select—and finally, after multiple attempts, I was able to successfully place an order. Mission accomplished!


Official Launching of Althea Korea’s Android and iOS Mobile App

Last December 15, Althea Korea officially launched their long awaited mobile app for customers to shop on the go, capping off a successful year for Southeast Asia’s No.1 K-Beauty destination.


Download the app available on both Android and iOS devices and receive an exclusive discount of P300 on your first mobile app purchase with a minimum order of P1000. This promotion is valid until Dec. 31, 2016. Terms and conditions apply.

Unboxing my December Haul

I received the small pastel blue Christmas box a few weeks ago. This time, I was so happy to receive the XL box which is perfect for large hauls.


Here are the items I got from my beta testing shopping:

  1. Apieu Stone Peach Pore Less Freshner
  2. Rire Pore Tightening Fresh Toner
  3. Comme-Comme Brush Tin Case in Pink
  4. Comme-Comme Brush Tin Case in Lavender
  5. Milky Dress Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream
  6. Milky Dress White Platinum
  7. YET Don’t Worry Mask Sheet Nutrition
  8. YET Don’t Worry Mask Sheet Oil Control
  9. It’s My Bubble Maker

The Brush Tin Cases are my favorite! They are meant for storing makeup brushes but I intentionally purchased them to store my marker pens. As for the new products, I will definitely post my reviews on these items once I tested them out.

I was given shopping credits as part of Althea Korea’s Beta Testing Program. However, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

That is all for today’s blog post.
See you again in the next one.

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