Wander Weekly 04: What’s on my Playlist?

Hello everyone! For this week’s chapter of Wander Weekly, I decided to take a break from my usual melodramatic meditations and opted instead for a simple blog post about my current favorite music.

Here are the top 5 on my playlist.

  1. Stay Together for the Kids—Blink 182
    Somewhere in this blog I mentioned about my love for punk rock and for all that loud banging music that is usually reserved for the rebellious, anger-driven days of youth. But even after all these years, I am still deeply attached with this music, and lately I am rediscovering my love for all the songs that has helped me sustain and survive teenage angst. God, I miss those days.
  2. Walking Disaster—Sum 41
    Enough said, this song might just be the anthem of my life.
  3. Amalfi—Hooverphonic
    A friend in Baghdad sent me a link to this song. I was only one minute deep into the song but I loved it instantly. The lyrics are golden, the rhythm hypnotic and the MV just sums up the love story I wish I have in life.
  4. Moenie and Kitchi—Gregory and the Hawk
    This is an album I never get tired of listening to. These songs have the magic to vaporize reality and to transport you into a childlike paradise where everything is soft and fragile and easy. In a word: Meredith Godreau is my healer.
  5. That Sea, the Gambler—Gregory Alan Isakov
    I have the same sentiments for this album the way I have with Moenie and Kitchi. This is almost like a male version of that album and creates the same effect for the soul.

There goes my favorite songs. I know I have such an eclectic choice in music but somehow, listening to different music allows me to explore the different languages that underlie them. Except for pop (or is it mainstream pop?) I have a hard time listening to the catchy, repetitive rhythm of those songs. It drives me nuts hearing the same notes over and over again, as if the entire song was a chorus. Maybe that’s just me or maybe I need more time to understand pop music.

I’m gonna grab a pop corn for now haha.


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