Blog Update: 400 Followers | 50K Site Views | Blog Awards and Tags

April has been a dry season for this little blog, as I was able to put up only four blog posts for the past four Saturdays of the month. Today, I thought it appropriate to finally cap off this month-long inactivity by giving a quick update on the blog and by thanking everyone for their continued support for this little space on the Internet that is my cyber home.

wander summer blog update 400 followers milestone

First of all, thank you for helping me reach the 400 Followers Milestone. There was a time when WordPress was a lonely place populated with anonymous bloggers. Today, WordPress is more of a home to me than anything else, all thanks to everyone I got to meet and interact with here in this blogging community.

I also want to express my sincerest appreciation to everyone who reads my reviews. You guys, we have made it to 50K views (and counting)! As a gesture of gratitude, I promise to create better quality content and to provide more helpful reviews in the future. I am cooking up some which I am hoping to publish on the first week of May, so please stay tuned for that.

Once again: thank you for the unwavering dedication and support for my little blog. This shout-out goes out to all of you lovely people!

Now let’s head over to some blog awards and tags.

Image result for blue sky tag

A couple of weeks ago, I was tagged to do the Blue Sky Tag. I know it has been weeks since you posted this but still, thank you for the tag, Ella!


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer 11 questions.
  • Tag 11 people.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.


  1. What are your top 5 favorite blogs?
    I love reading other people’s blogs and it’s hard to pick just five haha.
  2. Favorite place you have ever visited?
    I’ve been to a far-off island somewhere in the North during my first semester in college. The beach was an untouched paradise and there was nothing but the sound of the rolling waves, wild birds and silence.
  3. If you could relive any moment of your life what would it be?
    The moment when my parents separated. I think I would like to come out of it as a stronger person.
  4. What cheers you up?
    All things pink and pastel. And also, food.
  5. Do you have any pets?
    Yes, a white shaggy stinky dog I love with my whole life.
  6. What is your holy grail skincare, hair care or makeup product?
    Currently, my HG skincare product is the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel which I am going to post a review on in the next few days.
  7. What is a life or beauty hack that you swear by? (e.g. castor oil is supposed to help grow your eyebrows)
    I like to add a few drops of my favorite body oil to my lotion or moisturizer to enhance the moisture benefit.
  8. Are you left or right handed or both?
    I’m right-handed.
  9. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
    I have an extra piercing on my right ear.
  10. Who is your favorite actor?
    I don’t have any favorite actor. 
  11. What is your zodiac sign?


  1. Pick a word that best describes your blog.
  2. What inspires you to blog?
  3. What is your all-time favorite dish?
  4. What is one makeup item you cannot live without?
  5. What is one skincare product you swear by?
  6. Who is your favorite fictional character in a movie?
  7. Who is your favorite Disney princess?
  8. Which do you prefer, an E-book or an actual book?
  9. Are you a coffee lover or a tea lover?
  10. What is the most offensive thing someone has said to you online?
  11.  If you were given a chance to change your name, what name would you give to yourself?


I’m tagging everyone who’s interested to do this blog tag. Kindly let me know in the comment section below if you’re doing the tag, so I can check them out too. Yay!


Last week, I was nominated thrice for the One Lovey Blog Award. I would like to express my sweetest thank you to Natalie, Nina and Christy. Make sure to check out their lovely blogs!


  • Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post.
  • They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  • They must add 7 facts about them.
  • They must nominate 15 people.


  1. I have been blogging for seven years now.
  2. I have a strange fascination with names and alter-egos. In high school, I called myself Emily Summer. The name stuck so bad that people still call me Summer.
  3. I have never watched a single Potter movie in my life. (Please don’t judge)
  4. I love French films and Anna Karina is my favorite French actress.
  5. I love to listen to all kinds of music, excluding pop. My current favorite genre is indie folk and dream folk.
  6. I consider Marilyn Monroe and Sylvia Plath as my tragic heroines. Yes, their short sorrowful lives make me sad somehow but they also inspire me.
  7. My favorite animal is a northern white-faced owl.



I was nominated by Maricar for the Blog-aholic Award. Thank you for nomination!

What is The Blog-aholic Award?

The Blog-aholic Award is an award for bloggers addicted to blogging with creative, ingenious and inspiring posts. They mesmerize their followers with their posts, keep them captivated and riveted to their blog. The Blog-aholic Award is also for bloggers who “Share and Inspire Others.” Originally created by The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy)


  1. Put the above award logo/image on your blog
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog (it can be to the post in which they nominated you or any other post or you can even link to their “About” page).
  3. Mention the creator of this award and please provide a link or pingback as I, Esmé of The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy), would love to meet you!
  4. Write a post to show your award.
  5. Share a link to your best post(s).
  6. Share 3 interesting and different facts about yourself.
  7. Nominate 5-10 fellow bloggers, or more if you wish.
  8. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.



  • To begin with, I always have a hard time listing down facts about myself. I find a particular quality about myself but it instantly becomes too trivial for it to even be interesting, at least for me.
  • I don’t like watching TV series and even I don’t know why. You can make me sit and watch an 8 hour foreign movie but not some 10-15 episodes of the latest craze everyone is watching.
  • I have a slight aversion for eating seafood (shellfish mostly).


I nominate all of you, lovely bloggers!

There you have it—a blog update plus awards and tags crammed into one bulky post. Once again, thank you for sticking around and I hope to see you in the next post.

That is all for today’s blog post.
See you again in the next one.

Thank you for dropping by! 💕wander-summer-blog-signature


29 thoughts on “Blog Update: 400 Followers | 50K Site Views | Blog Awards and Tags

  1. Congratulations!! That’s a lot of milestones and awards reached 😄
    I’m the opposite in my tv watching habits. I can watch 5 or 6 episodes in a row of a show, but i can’t make it through one 2 hour movie 😂😂

    Liked by 3 people

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