The Lottery Tag

About a week ago, Natalie published a new interesting blog tag named The Lottery Tag. Here is a quick synopsis of the tag. 

Imagine you won the lottery. There is no set sum of money – it could be $100 or $100m dollars – let your imagination run with it. All up for interpretation. Tell us what you would do with that money, and then tag a couple of your blogging friends to do the same.

I love creative blog tags. They allow for a chance to stretch your imagination and they are so much fun to write. Here’s a shout-out to Natalie for coming up with such a unique tag.

Today I was more than happy to be nominated for this tag by none other than the pretty beauty blogger Siyana.

Let’s begin with the tag!



If someone hands me my lottery winnings right at this very moment, I would definitely run straight to the nearest mall to purchase a Canon G7X Mark II.

I’ve been wanting to own a good camera for as long as I can remember. I was so close to buying one last year but decided to purchase a smartphone instead. While I don’t regret my Iphone, I still feel unsatisfied with the entire Iphoneography experience and still wish to take better photos with a more powerful camera.



I would take my family to a trip around the country. The Philippines is well known for its beautiful beaches and exotic islands. If I have the money to spend, I wouldn’t miss the chance to tour and to go island-hopping.


I would also love to go backpacking across Europe and to visit some of my most favorite cities such as Amsterdam and Prague.

I would also set aside some money to finance my graduate studies. But even without a lottery win, I am still going to make this happen, hopefully within this year or the next.


I would contribute to the local organization which supports mental health recovery and advocacy. I would also establish some kind of a recreational community program for those battling with anxiety and depression. I know it sounds like your average support group session but I envision something more engaging and more connected to the passion of each individual. It is my wish to be able to help in any way I can those who suffer from mental illness.

Finally, somewhere in this blog I wrote about my all-time bizarre dream of reaching outer space. If I could have the means, I would buy myself the permission to travel in space and if I were lucky, maybe land on Mars or the Moon haha.


I like to end this post with a video from one the most successful vloggers to ever come out of YouTube. Michelle Phan almost hit the lottery jackpot so to speak by becoming one of the most influential beauty creators in social media. But even in the sea of fame and fortune, there was still a part of her that no amount of money or success was able to satisfy. In her latest video, she narrates her story on how money was able to buy many things like peace of mind, comfort, status—anything but happiness.


That is all for today’s blog post.
See you again in the next one.

Thank you for dropping by! 💕wander-summer-blog-signature


25 thoughts on “The Lottery Tag

    1. Yes, I agree. I honestly think no one can ever truly buy happiness in its absolute form, but we can buy our chances to feel even a fragment of this ever-elusive feeling. Happiness is a momentary bliss. It’s our attitude towards it that produces lasting joy.


  1. This was a really great response to the tag. I especially love your wish to travel to Outer Space! Don’t we all want to reach the stars? I know I do. And I agree, money doesn’t buy happiness, it’s something we all need to strive to remember.

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  2. I loved reading this Janah! Money doesn’t really buy happiness, but it can help you have incredible experiences you couldn’t have otherwise. I’m with you on a good camera, I have no idea what constitutes as a good camera, but I would definitely get one too 😀

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    1. Thank you Angela! Yes, very well said. And I’m totally with you on having limited knowledge when it comes to good cameras. But I heard great feedback about the Canon G7X Mark II so I might stick with that. 💕

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  3. Aww thank you for doing the tag, I appreciate it! I guess getting a camera and travel tickets is on everyone’s list 😀 The video was beautiful as well – money is not everything! 🙂

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  4. Thanks again for the nomination 😊 I love how so many of your answers were for the benefit of others! I also think it would be amazing to visit space but I would never be able to actually do it, I’ve seen way too many scary movies about what can go wrong!

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