Beauty Review: Milky Dress Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream

We all have our shortcomings in life and mine is that I’m always unwilling to invest in an effective (however expensive) eye cream despite the fact that caring for the eye area is one of the most important aspects of skincare routine.

When it comes to eye creams, I always settle for the cheapest option and just cross my fingers that it will work wonders for my eye area. I was lucky enough to find the Quick FX Eye Cream from Watsons which brought impressive results for my dark circles without breaking my bank. Unfortunately, I started having milia around my eye area about a year after I started using it. I wasn’t exactly sure if the Quick FX eye cream was the culprit but nonetheless I decided to cut it out from my regimen.

I am currently exploring a lot of other cheaper eye creams in hopes of finding a better one. For today’s review, I am going to talk about my current eye cream from the Korean beauty brand, Milky Dress.

Let’s get straight to the review.

Milky Dress Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream

milky dress wrinkle and whitening eye cream product imageProduct Description

Infused with hydrolyzed pea protein, this double-function eye cream claims to brighten and moisturize the eye area, as well as to protect the skin around the eyes.

Usage Instruction

Apply an adequate amount of eye cream on the eye area and gently tap the area for an effective absorption.


milky dress wrinkle and whitening eye cream product ingredients

Quantity | Price | Availability

15 ml | PHP 210 | Althea Korea

The Milky Dress Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream is packed inside a small carton box which includes all the necessary product information.

milky dress wrinkle and whitening eye cream review 00

The product information is written in Korean and in English.

milky dress wrinkle and whitening eye cream review 01

The eye cream comes in a small sturdy plastic tube with a screw cap.

One thing I like about the packaging is the tiny nozzle at the tip of the tube. It allows you to have full control of the amount of product to dispense. Plus, it is very hygienic in comparison to eye creams that come in jars or lid containers.

milky dress wrinkle and whitening eye cream review 04

The actual product comes in a light, gel texture. It feels so feather-light on the skin, and so soothing and moisturizing. It has a very subtle perfume-y scent which thankfully doesn’t linger for too long.

I’m going to be upfront to say that I didn’t notice any significant effect even after a month of using the eye cream. Considering the fact that I no longer stay up late these days and that my under-eye circles are not that much of a problem to me, I was expecting this product to provide some brightening effect on my eye area,  at the very least. But still there was no noticeable results whatsoever. On top of that, I also didn’t see any improvements on some of my fine lines.

Despite the weak performance, I am still thankful that this eye cream was pretty moisturizing. Add to that the fact that it so lightweight that I also use it for my morning routine, underneath all my trusty moisturizer, my daily sunscreen, and my HG powder.


3 out of 5 stars

What I like:
I like that this eye cream provides sufficient moisture for my eye area.

What I don’t like:
It doesn’t deliver desired results in terms of brightening under-eye circles and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Will I repurchase?
I won’t repurchase.

Will I recommend?
Only to those like me who are into the experimental stage of trying out tons of eye creams. But then again, spare yourself the disappointment and go try other eye creams with better reputations.

On a different note, I am still on the search for money-worthy eye creams. If you know some good ones, please do share them in the comment section below.

I am not paid or compensated to write this review.
All opinions expressed in this post are my own.
All items featured in this post are purchased through my own means.

That is all for today’s blog post.
See you again in the next one.

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