Beauty Review: It’s Skin Power 10 Formula WH Effector

Hello everyone! Let me begin by saying how much I miss blogging and how much I hate the fact that I am not able to put up content on this blog consistently. But hey I am a firm believer that everyone can find a way to do what they love to do if they truly love what they do (wait what?) so here I am, cramming and crunching on a deadline, and squeezing a quick review on It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Whitening (WH) Effector in between the crazy schedule. 

Okay, let’s head over to the review.

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula WH Effector

it's skin power 10 wh effector product image

Product Description

 The It’s Skin Power 10 WH Effector claims to brighten the skin, inhibit melanin formation, and even out dull and pigmented skin tone.

Usage Instruction

After toning, apply an ample amount of the serum on your fingers and massage thoroughly onto your face.


it's skin power 10 wh effector product ingredients

Quantity | Price | Availability

30 ml | PHP 390 | Althea Korea

If the It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Whitening (WH) Effector looks familiar to you, that is because this cute little skincare baby belongs to the same line as the Vitamin C (VC) Effector which I wrote a review on about a year ago. You can check out my review here in case you are interested.

it's skin wh effector review 01

Similar to the VC Effector, the It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VH Effector is also stored in a small glass bottle which contains 30 ml of product. The product information is written in Korean.

it's skin wh effector review 02

The container also comes with a dropper which I really like because it helps in dispensing the serum easily and conveniently. As for the consistency,  the serum is thin and watery. Imagine tap water, but only a wee bit thicker—that’s what the serum feels to the touch. It also has a slightly oily feel to it but it’s almost unnoticeable so there’s nothing to worry about if you hate sticky serums which I assume everyone does.

The fact that it only takes less than a minute for the serum to be absorbed by my skin is the ultimate winning factor for me. I only have to pat and massage it into my face, and within seconds my face feels bright, light, and fresh. It also has a very light floral scent to it which I like. The only significant thing I noticed is that the serum is not very moisturizing so if you are on the dry side, you might want to layer it on with your trusty moisturizer.

I am almost done with this serum (and I feel like I deserve an award for being able to finish an entire product despite my being a lazy skincare bum haha) and I can tell for sure that it does lighten and even out my skin, and gives out that fresh glow to my face. I couldn’t say for sure if it is effective in fading out acne marks as I have none of those but as a basic whitening serum, it certainly does the job well.

Okay, the only thing I didn’t like about this serum is that it seems to lose its efficacy the longer I use it. After two consecutive weeks of use, I notice that it no longer lightens my skin and brings out that fresh glow which I am so obsessed with. So then I take a break from it and cross it out from my skincare routine for about a week or two. By the time I use it again, it works like magic and the cycle continuous like an old toxic relationship that lacks love and consistency. (Sorry I just had to let that out haha)

it's skin wh effector review 03


4 out of 5 stars

What I like:

  • It lightens and evens out the skin, and brings out that fresh glow to my face.
  • It has a very light, floral scent which I find really fresh and relaxing.
  • It comes with a dropper for easy product dispensing.

What I don’t like:
As a skincare product, it lacks consistency in providing the desired results. I constantly have to take a weekly break from the serum if only to get it to work all over again.

Will I repurchase?
Probably at some point. It’s a satisfactory product but it isn’t the first thing I would grab if I am in need of a whitening serum. But then again, it is still worth a try.

Will I recommend?
To serum starters, yes! I recommend the It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Whitening Effector to those who are just starting out on serums and are exploring their options.  This product is a good place to start because it is affordable and it works pretty well.

I am not paid or compensated to write this review.
All opinions expressed in this post are my own.
All items featured in this post are purchased through my own means.

That is all for today’s blog post.
See you again in the next one.

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15 thoughts on “Beauty Review: It’s Skin Power 10 Formula WH Effector

  1. Awesome review! I’m new to your blog but now I want to read through all your other product reviews as I am starting to dabble in better skincare and I need all the help I can get! Haha. Thanks so much!


  2. I have two products from the Power 10 Formula line (VC and VE) and I think it’s really perfect for those who are just starting out in skincare because they’re really not as effective as other serums out there. Pero din kasi it has a lot of other ingredients in their products and it’s not the purest form of the supposedly “main” ingredient talaga. (i.e., yung sa VC, nakalagay lang “derivatives”) so I’m not really expecting it to be as strong and as effective as other serums na nagpapromise ng same results. Pero may noticeable parin naman siya na effect, which is good, given na mas mura siya compared sa iba. Haha. I think I might give this WH a try rin after I’m done with either VC or VE because your review is quite convincing. Haha.

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    1. Yeah, I agree. I was sold on these serums back when I was starting out in K-Beauty, and at first, it was pretty good naman. But later on, you’ll want something more potent din kaya ayun, konti nalang bibili na talaga ako ng Klairs haha.

      I’m also trying to learn as much about skincare ingredients lately. Are you familiar with galactomyces? Parang meron yata yung CosRx nun.

      Haha I might be convincing when it comes to reviews but seriously you got the better judgment when it comes to skincare. Ako minsan, basta cute ilalagay ko sa face ko eh hehe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Bili na yaaaaaan! Hahaha. Actually, parang wrong move nga na I tried the VC effector after nung Klairs because Klairs really did set the bar high. If I tried the VC effector first, I would have been more able to appreciate it. But anyway, I don’t think my skin is missing anything naman with the VC effector so I still think it’s a good product.

        Me too, actually. I’ve been doing some research about The Ordinary because their products sound so interesting in the way they chose to name them, I mean, it’s not just “whitening”, “brightening” chuchu. Hahaha. Dapat alam mo talaga kung ano yung product na binibili mo or else you might be layering the wrong products. Haha. I have heard of galactomyces na but I’m not very familiar with it yet. Haha.

        At first naman I just buy whatever is interesting sa Althea (madalas nandun lang ako sa ‘best sellers’ category, namimili lang ng kung anong cute or sikat whatsoever hahaha) but later on I realized that I should be more careful when it comes to choosing my skincare products, kasi yung iba is not really for my skin type. So ayun. Haha. This year gusto ko maging mas specific sa gusto kong ilagay sa face ko so ayun pinagpaplanuhan ko na yung next skincare routine ko na targeted na talaga sa skincare concerns ko. Haha


        1. Yeaaaaah plan ko na talaga mag-skincare shopping. Inaabangan ko lang baka may V-Day promo sa Althea soon haha. Too bad always sold out yung Klairs dun no?

          I’m with you on getting serious about skincare this year. Frankly, you really got good choices sa mga skincare products mo. If I remember correctly, you use some from The Body Shop din diba? I haven’t tried anything pa from TBS pero I have a cousin na ang ganda ng skin and she’s been using TBS for years na.

          I’ve been hearing a lot of good stuff about The Ordinary din, pero for now, mag-fofocus muna ako sa Best of 2017 mo hahaha. Iisa-iisahin ko sila i-try. So excited lol!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Hahaha oo! Ang bilis ma-sold out ng lahat sa Althea especially yung boxes nila. Dapat always alert ka hahaha. Naka-waitlist ako sa mga gusto kong products sa BeautyMNL although mas prefer ko bumili ng Korean products sa Althea kasi they’re waaaaayyy cheaper. Naghahanap na rin ako ng ibang mga online stores that I can trust para hindi limited sa Althea and BeautyMNL lang options ko hahaha.

            Actually, before I knew about Korean skincare, TBS talaga yung go-to skincare shop ko. And then I found this article about the 10-step korean skincare routine so ayun. Hahaha. I just wrote a whole list of skincare items na madalas kong nakikitang naka feature sa blogs and sa youtube, and tinitignan ko if available sila sa Althea every now and then.

            Hahaha! Go girl! Tip ko lang talaga, sa online ka bumili ng Skinfood products. The stores here in the PH are like 3x more expensive. Late ko na narealize huhu kaiyak. hahaha


          2. Wait, Skinfood or TBS? OMG where can I get them online?

            I’ve always wanted to try their products pero nakaka-turn off yung price tag. Ako pa naman yung tao na hirap na hirap maglabas ng pera kapag above P500 na yung skincare product hahahaha. I’m so stingy hahaha but I plan to really make an investment na sa skincare this year, tsaka I’ll take your blog as my guide. Ganun ako ka-bias sa skincare selections mo hahaha although I know naman na magkaiba tayo ng skin type haha.

            Liked by 1 person

          3. Yung sa Skinfood pag titignan mo sa stores may mga products sila na 1k+ tas pag nakita mo sa Althea, 500 something lang siya. So parang, ang daya, diba? Ang the products from Althea naman can’t be counterfeit lang so di ko alam kung bat sobrang mahal ng Skinfood sa pinas. Hindi naman ganun kamahal yung ibang Korean stores, if anything, hindi lalagpas ng 50 pesos yung patong nila.

            TBS naman I think wala masyadong difference ang price. I’m not sure where you can get them online kasi sa mall lang din ako bumibili. Haha. Medyo pricey siya pero it lasts a long time din. Katulad ng eye creams, my god ang mahal pero aabutin pa ata ng dalawang taon bago maubos. Hahaha.

            Uy thank you for the trust. Hihi. Flattered ako ❤ Mas nainspire ako maging matinong blogger. Charot. Hahaha. I honestly feel like my reviews aren't profound enough kasi mas narrative ako kesa informative. Haha.

            Anyway, normal-dry yung skin type ko so basically I'm compatible with almost any product. Haha. Pag pumipili ako ng skincare di ko na pinapansin kung saan siya na skin type mas suitable, mas tinitignan ko kung anong purpose niya and if it can help me with my skin concerns. Sana nga lang wag na magiba yung skin type ko sa kaka lahid ng kung anuano! Haha


          4. Yeah, ang mahal nga ng Skinfood kapag sa physical stores binili. I’ve visited their branch sa SM North Edsa once. Yung mga wash-off mask nila nasa P600-700 yata pero sa Althea nasa P300 lang. Honestly, dahil talaga sa Althea kaya nakapag-try ako ng K-Beauty products. Before kasi, lalo na nung college pa, hindi ko talaga afford yung mga items nila.

            Speaking of K-Beauty, have you heard the news recently na isinara na yung Laneige dito sa PH? May pa-farewell sale pa sila pero puro sold out na haha.

            Uy, natawa ako sa charot hahahaha. I seriously enjoy your posts, Meesh! I like when people tell their stories, kahit strangers pa sila parang nagiging familiar sila all of a sudden. Besides, you write really well.

            Liked by 1 person

          5. Ako rin. Hahaha. Di naman din ako particular talaga sa K-beauty dati, kung ano lang makita ko sa mall na kaya ng budget ko, binibili ko. Pero thanks to the sudden rise of popularity of Korean Skincare and random Facebook ads (dun ko unang nakita ang Althea haha), naging maarte ako sa skincare. hahahaha.

            Oo. Actually parang pansin ko na rin before na hindi na sila nagrerestock kasi pag dumadaan ako sa kahit saang Laneige, sobrang konti nalang ng mga binebenta sila. Parang inuubos na nila yung products. Anyway, mas mahal naman benta nila compared sa Althea, so sa Althea nalang ako. Hahahaha.

            Thank you! Huhuhu. I never thought I’d come to this stage in my WordPress life na may makaka kwentuhan din akong blogger who shares the same interests as mine. Of all people, ikaw pa. I’m just new here tas ikaw parang established ka na dito sa wordpress. Hahaha. Nakakatuwa lang kasi you’re so friendly pala. I really like reading your posts kasi aside from very informative siya, ang ganda ng writing style mo. Especially when you’re writing about your thoughts about life.

            Liked by 1 person

          6. Baka nalugi sila kasi wala naman yata bumibili sa physical stores hehehe. Kasi naman super mahal compared sa mabibili sa mga online shops diba? Yung Laneige cushion ko nabili ko sa Althea for 1K plus lang, discounted pa. Nung nag-inquire ako sa store almost 2K pala ang price nila. Yikes!

            Uy, ang layo ko naman sa established hahaha. Ano lang, more on tambay sa WordPress ganern. I’m so glad to meet you too. I’ve always been fascinated kasi kinukwento mo sa blog mo diba na you travel frequently. Nakakatuwa lang yung mga people like you, the travelling kind of people. I believe there’s always something special and profound in people who wander places. Tapos ang sipag mo pa sa skincare routine mo.

            Liked by 1 person

          7. Oo. Haha. I think yung alas lang ng physical stores eh some of them has membership cards kung saan nakakakuha ka ng points for discount. Hahaha. Kaya nga yung sa Etude and sa Tony Moly, sa store ko mismo binibili kasi gusto ko ng points kahit slightly pricier siya compared sa online. Dati ayaw ko rin sa online bumili pero nung nalaman ko na mas mura pala, nagka-canvass muna ako kung san ako mas makaka mura hahaha.

            Swerte ko lang na ang daming travels dun sa previous job ko (currently jobless and naghahanap kasi ako hahaha. Nag end na yung term ko dun sa job ko na yun kasi haha). I like being in different places kasi alam mo yung I feel like I’m a different person when I’m in a different place. Parang kada lugar is a different level of reality ganun hahahaha kaya ngayon I’m hoping na maka hanap ako ng new job in a new environment kasi gusto ko ng new leaf nanaman in life (new year, new job, new me! haha) Ay nako gurl, kahit lasing pa ako hangga’t kaya ko pang mag pahid sa mukha ko. Magpapahid ako. nakaka-relax kasi talaga, natatanggal yung isip ko sa realidad haha

            Liked by 1 person

          8. Okay ba ang perks sa Etude House? Ita-try ko nga yung Pink Card nila, ang cute kasi hehe. Bibili nga din sana ako ng Moistfull Emulsion ngayon sa Althea, hay naku sold out hahahaha.

            By the way, I visited TBS nung weekend para i-check yung eye cream. Yun ba yung Vit. E na nasa small tube? Okay ba yun? Ayan, nag-sisimula na ako mag-consult sayo about skincare items lol hahahaha!

            Wishing you the best of luck sa job hunting, Meesh! True yun, iba talaga yung feeling pag nasa ibang lugar. At nakakaloka, skincare habang lasheeeng! Ikaw na, gurl hahaha!

            Liked by 1 person

          9. Oo. May 20% off ka sa Etude pag birth month mo. Also, parang point system lang din siya so pwede mong gamitin yung points pambili ng items hahaha.

            Di ko pa nata-try yung Vit. E nila na eye cream kasi I used yung Drops of Youth na eye cream nila. Okay sakin yun kasi maganda yung applicator HAHAHA. Anyway, may trust naman ako sa Vitamin E line nila kasi nagustuhan ko yung Aqua Boost Sobret nila. Gusto ko rin i-try yung lip balm hahahaha.

            Thank youuu! Sana makahanap na ako ng work ASAP para may pambili ulit ako ng mga kaartehan ko HAHAHAHA

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