Hello everyone and welcome to my little cyber home.

This current blog is the brain child of an idea which was conceived years and years ago. Formerly known as Owl Cities, a chamber of thoughts for the little owl, this blog has metamorphosed and transformed into what it is today: a constellation of things related to art, film, books and beauty.


I was first introduced to blogging by the school publication team in high school in which I was the literary editor. In 2009, I published my first ever blog post as part of the official entry for a regional inter-school writing conference. Soon after, I started writing my own blog posts (which were mostly drafts of poems and short stories, and incoherent slices of my journals and musings) in Blogger and in Tumblr.

It was in 2010 when I decided to settle for a permanent cyber home in WordPress under the blog name, The Nocturnal Nutshell. It contained a motley crew of ideas: from my university papers to my most personal reflections on life, love and relationships.

In late 2014, I revised the name to Owl Cities. It was my first attempt to channel my blog and to reach out to the greater world of the blogosphere.

In 2016, I decided to put into action my longtime plan of blogging systematically on themes such as art, film, books and beauty. Thus, my blog underwent another reconstruction for what is presently known as Wander Summer.


This blog consists of five main categories:

  • Art
  • Film
  • Books
  • Beauty
  • Journals and Musings


Wander Summer is an attempt at reconstruction. By creating and recreating fragments of words, phrases, sentences, it is as if I am also creating and recreating myself—shaping my thoughts into something closer to an image that is intelligible, reinventing all that is absent, lost.

The concept which this blog adapted as its main theme is one of exploration. It has always been a strong inclination of mine to view life from the perspective of someone who roams through the earth and finds everything temporary.

A wanderer lost in the wild with only her words as her bastion for living; a restless soul whose memories make up for a lifetime of chance meetings, strange encounters and tender connections with the rest of the world’s creations; and finally, a soulful pilgrim whose only destination is the road.