A Poetic Reverse


The mortal cries,
This eternal sleep
This interminable repose

Lips pursed, blood shot
eyes, she watches
A mortal, in silence

The mystic moon is weeping
on her cratered balcony rail
Luna has awaken.


Daydreams and Time Machines

For lack of a better paragraph,
I begin the march with a poem

Steady like a summer hike to
the summit of your disregard
and forgetting, like ancient men
with their ancient history

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A Scavenger’s Tale

I have a closet filled up to the brim
with things I have collected from the world

Tainted trinkets
card board boxes
pleated skirts that reek
of sunflowers and summer sun.
Lipsticks and lip glosses
soft as the pastel skies as they
carry the aftertaste of all the
faces I have come across in life,
whose names are tangled in my tongue
like ancient languages.
And finally, a broken mirror where
I could see only half of my
reflection, bent before my fading
eyes, the images of the ones I
barely know and the ones I
shall never forget.

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Child of the Cosmos

Have you ever looked at people
and told yourself that
one day you are going to
write about them?
about how her lips pursed as she
uttered every syllable like a
prayer before a God
that is not there;
about how the sound of her strange
pronunciation floated like mist
over the fading of consciousness;
about the silver tongue you wish
you could erase
if only to break the barrier
that is language.

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To You Who Knew


Perhaps we were wrong
to test our hearts of their limits
thinking they can withstand
the wickedness of this game
And when I tell you love
perhaps it was a mistake
on my part
to wait for an answer

From where I stand you are
only a thousand light-years away
I count the distance like
I would count the years
And I realize if you multiply
ten by itself, then by a hundred
then by a thousand, by a million
What we would have at the end of the equation
is the product of our lost and wasted time
when we once believed, fooled ourselves
that we were right for each other,
or when we thought we knew
how to love when
the truth is we were

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Alter Ego

What if I am just an idea formed in the
mind of another loner like myself?
Halfway across the globe, face pressed
against the windowpane, staring into the
pouring rain outside, wishing she had
somebody to call on—somebody to discuss
anything with, from what happened last
night up to the parts of a person they would
never let us love
Frozen lips blue with asphyxiation pressed
up against the warm lips of the coffee cup
possibly the only lips she will ever get to
press up against in this lifetime of solitude
and peace and silence she had built for herself

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Dear Scott

I was 19 when I met you
in the summer of ’44
along the streets of Edinburgh
and right away
I named myself after
the gentle breeze of the morning air
the gleaming yellow of the sun
In my mind was a picture
of a dandelion I never had
Your footsteps left me with nothing
but a song

I spent the summer next
listening to some Scottish indie band
I happen to stumble upon
in my desperate search
across the flower fields
for traces of your arrival
People laugh thinking
“What a fool!”
But then again who are they
to blame us when we dream
We seekers of nothing
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Elastic Hearts

If we could bend
Like plastic time
To fit through gaps
And twisted crevices

If we could flex
Our lonely insides
For jaded souls
That need not saving

If we could coil
And then recoil
And flutter away
Like woodpeckers do

If we could flinch
In freezing silence
Who would remember
What fools we were

If we could bend
After we are broken
This heart elastic
And rubber soul

An Ode to Remembering

It is that time of the year again
The last of the merry months
When city lights fill
The spaces between us
Like an immeasurable vastness
Stretching for miles
Across the horizon
The imaginary line

When carols echo
Still in all its sadness
What our song could not do
What you figure
In the absence of
The familiar melody
What I fear
You knew

The past
With all its handcrafted
Towering towards the moon
In a bitter afterglow
Against will and reason
I remember

But what use of it
When you are faceless
We strangers
With no name
Like two people walking
Bumped each other
And went on
Their separate ways