Wander Weekly 05: Exploring a New Musical Terrain

I know it has been months since the last time I wrote for the Wander Weekly series in my blog. When I first started this series, I promised I would publish at least two chapters every month, but somewhere down the road I swept that promise under the rug and decided to confine my mindless musings within the frayed yellowing pages of my tattered journal.

That being said, I have something a bit more interesting to share. I am going to share two of the albums that I am currently exploring these days. I am a huge fan of indie rock as well as progressive rock, but my inclination towards post rock comes as no surprise to me at all as I find this genre a beautiful creation on its own fueled by a passionate stream of heavy rhythm and tenacious slow burn.

oh hiroshima

In Silence We Yearn (2015)
by Oh Hiroshima

In Silence We Yearn is a perfect blend of rich musicality and creative visualization. Powered by airy arctic vocals and thick texturizing guitars, the album creates a kind of exploration which transforms the listener to a wanderer and takes him to a long cosmic odyssey in search of silence, and finally returns him beaten with bliss.

we lost the sea

Departure Songs (2015)
by We Lost the Sea

Departure Songs takes its inspiration from the tragic stories of people across history. The five melodramatic songs in this album are both a celebration of the extraordinary feat of human will and determination as well as a tribute to those witnesses of the appalling horror of catastrophe which unfolds before us every single day.

As the artists put it, this album is a tribute and a catharsis of emotion and honesty. True enough, the range of human emotions embedded in the album extends from the absolute tipping point of bliss to the absolute tipping point of torment, each becoming ever stronger with every single note.

This instrumental album is a wordless attempt to recreate expression by means of translating meaning to melody and to communicate the message through the cosmic language that is music.

I am going to leave a link to the artists’ official websites here in case you might be interested to check them out.

In Silence We Yearn (2015)
by Oh Hiroshima

Departure Songs
by We Lost the Sea

Wander Weekly 04: What’s on my Playlist?

Hello everyone! For this week’s chapter of Wander Weekly, I decided to take a break from my usual melodramatic meditations and opted instead for a simple blog post about my current favorite music.

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Wander Weekly 03: Mindless Musings on Welcoming Summer and Surviving Birthday Blues

Happy Sunday everyone! I don’t have anything prepared for this week’s Wander Weekly so I figure for this entry I am going to simply scribble my thoughts down and make the words as I go.

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Wander Weekly 02: Reflections on Living in the City and Hearing as an Involuntary Human Activity

There are reasons why we stay up late at night. Mine comes in a form of an escape, a flight outside the walls of this loud, blaring inferno that is the life in the city.

I live at the heart of Manila, right at the center of the ventricle of a machine that generates every kind of pollution known to man and made by man: you have car exhausts belching black smoke into the air like some kind of black magic; you have households pregnant with domesticated waste; you have headlines broadcasting the ghastly horror of the metropolis; and finally you have noise: earsplitting, endless like the wailing of a ghost that can not be still.

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Wander Weekly 01: Insights on Instagram, Online Shopping and Responsible Hauling

For the past few days, I have been mulling to myself about putting up a weekly section in this blog, so much like Siddathornton’s The Sunday Currently but something more personalized, something I can freely call my own. For some reasons, I feel like The Sunday Currently is already too crowded with bloggers, and I have a particular disinterest for anything too inhabited, too occupied (or one could say, too mainstream).

For this time on, I will be posting reflections on just about anything under the sun in this new section I tagged as Wander Weekly. This will be one of the first attempts to document my thoughts again and to recover the art of writing which has been buried somewhere deep in my disregard for language and thought.

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