Beauty Bytes: My Updated Night Time Skincare Routine

Hello guys! It feels like a lifetime ago since the last time I wrote a beauty-related blog post in here. The past few months have been a total b-i-a-t-c-h, for a lack of a better adjective. You see, early this year, my phone and my computer gave up on me all at once. I lost a lot of digital archives, photographs, templates — stuff I had worked so hard on for past year.

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Beauty Bytes: My Night Time Skincare Routine

Happy New Year everyone! I’m going to jump start the year with a blog post about my current night time skincare routine.

For a bit of a background, I’ve only just started incorporating K-Beauty in my skincare routine about a few months ago. I consider myself still a beginner, and most of my skincare picks for this blog post are best suited for K-Beauty starters. Continue reading “Beauty Bytes: My Night Time Skincare Routine”

Beauty Review: Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Sleeping Pack

Red is the color of the holiday season, and today’s review features another Korean skin care product which connects to that motif. It’s round, it’s bouncy and it’s red. Any guesses yet? That’s right—I’m talking about tomatoes, and today’s review features the Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Sleeping Pack.

In my previous post, I wrote a review of the rice wash off mask from Skinfood. I decided to follow up again with another review from Skinfood just because I really love this brand.

Since the holiday is just around the corner, I thought about reviewing a skincare product which may help our skin cope with dryness and dullness brought about by the cold season, as well as pamper our skin after weeks of rat racing with year-end deadlines.

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Beauty Review: Skinfood Rice Wash Off Mask

Happy First of December everyone! I’m going to jump start the month by sharing a review on one of my most favorite Korean skincare product—the rice wash off mask! But before we head on to the product review, let us begin with a brief introduction about today’s featured brand.

Skinfood is the first cosmetic brand to root itself in food. The brand believes that nutritive food results in nutritive beauty for healthy, beautiful skin. Their food philosophy drives their product development to ensure that only the highest quality food ingredients are used to create a more beautiful, healthier lifestyle.

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