Beauty Review: Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color

I’ve always been a no-makeup kind of girl. I mean, I’ve tried one too many times to learn how to apply foundation without turning my face into a melting cake or to draw my brows without looking like a total clown. But in the end, I still always end up with a funny face. I think I’m just more comfortable with no makeup on, or maybe I’m just plain lazy haha.  Continue reading “Beauty Review: Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color”


Beauty Review: Peripera Heart Tok Blusher

Powder blushers—no makeup kit is ever complete without at least one of these lovely little goodies. Take it from the experts in the make-up business: no matter how well you apply and blend your foundation, it is as important to bring back the color to your face by putting on some color powder, lest you want to look like a raw cookie dough.  Continue reading “Beauty Review: Peripera Heart Tok Blusher”