Before You Exit

Time has brought us once again to the end of another race. Whether we won or not in this race is no important matter now. Ultimately, what matters more is the fact that we are able to reach this point, to say that we have accomplished no matter how small or great our accomplishments may be, and finally to acknowledge to ourselves the courage which brought our feet to this resting place.

2015 was a year of transitions. True, I was never more stable in life that I am this year. But still, every now and then I found myself fazed by people and events which I have no control of, seized by an immeasurable sadness which seemed to have dominated this life. Despite the abundance I have enjoyed this year, I still found myself wanting for something else: something entirely distant and foreign, something no amount of money could ever buy or even replace.

At the end of it all, I realized that there is nothing ever more truly important in life than acceptance: to learn to accept things as they are, to try not to change people, to try not to resist. Forgiveness, I learned just now, comes much later on. It will fall on people’s hearts only after they cleared their souls with acceptance.

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An Ode to Remembering

It is that time of the year again.
The last of the merry months
when city lights fill
the spaces between us
like an immeasurable vastness
stretching for miles across the horizon.
The imaginary line.

When carols echo
still in all its sadness
What our song could not do
What you figure
in the absence of
the familiar melody
What I fear
You knew

The past
With all its handcrafted mistakes
towering towards the moon
in a bitter afterglow
Against will and reason
I remember

But what use of it
when you are faceless?
We strangers
with no name.

Like two people walking
Bumped into each other
And went on
their separate ways.

First of December

Post-Nietzscheans have their ‘Christmases:’ it does not mechanically fall on any 25th subject to timezone, nor does it wore off by the fake Christmas-is-everyday occult.

Post-Nietzscheans have their ‘Christmases’ not so much on the extreme of the subjective neither the objective—Nietzscheans never explain outwards, towards the dispirited.

Philosophers of the Future need not be daunted by the fact the mass is hefty, that wheresoever we stretch a group of herds belie in jest, such jests are hollow—unprofound. Similiar to such masses we wear our masks but our masks are of the spirit; which mask at a given occasion we ought to wear we ourselves alone are to determine never the priest. We spirits: Will. No politics of the past impinges our soul.

Post-Nietzscheans ‘Christmases’ are not of routine. Thus the herald towards honest ‘Christmases.’ Let our holidays be spent either in heavens above or in hells below! We are flying spirits. We may spent a single ‘Christmas’ along this life; at the end of the day, its not how many ‘Christmases’ one has had, post-Nietzscheans refute numbers by quality.”

Nevertheless, it is that time of the year again. It’s Christmas.