Purloined Letters

There are instances in our lives when we consider an event as fleeting, forgettable, ordinary, at that particular moment when we are experiencing them. Like a quick glance from a passerby on the street, a word, a phrase spoken without the least bit of intention, the way a stranger’s face carves a memory of some faraway island, the way city lights hum in a frenetic buzz in the midst of the metro traffic.

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To You Who Knew


Perhaps we were wrong
to test our hearts of their limits
thinking they can withstand
the wickedness of this game
And when I tell you love
perhaps it was a mistake
on my part
to wait for an answer

From where I stand you are
only a thousand light-years away
I count the distance like
I would count the years
And I realize if you multiply
ten by itself, then by a hundred
then by a thousand, by a million
What we would have at the end of the equation
is the product of our lost and wasted time
when we once believed, fooled ourselves
that we were right for each other,
or when we thought we knew
how to love when
the truth is we were

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An Ode to Remembering

It is that time of the year again.
The last of the merry months
when city lights fill
the spaces between us
like an immeasurable vastness
stretching for miles across the horizon.
The imaginary line.

When carols echo
still in all its sadness
What our song could not do
What you figure
in the absence of
the familiar melody
What I fear
You knew

The past
With all its handcrafted mistakes
towering towards the moon
in a bitter afterglow
Against will and reason
I remember

But what use of it
when you are faceless?
We strangers
with no name.

Like two people walking
Bumped into each other
And went on
their separate ways.