A Scavenger’s Tale

I have a closet filled up to the brim
with things I have collected from the world

Tainted trinkets
card board boxes
pleated skirts that reek
of sunflowers and summer sun.
Lipsticks and lip glosses
soft as the pastel skies as they
carry the aftertaste of all the
faces I have come across in life,
whose names are tangled in my tongue
like ancient languages.
And finally, a broken mirror where
I could see only half of my
reflection, bent before my fading
eyes, the images of the ones I
barely know and the ones I
shall never forget.

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My Youth Hero

The nimbus clouds hover soundlessly on the horizon, as if to mimic a sinister bug creeping steadily to seize for blood. The birds by the window flap their wings furiously and chirp in the tone of both rage and madness, almost as if to warn us humans about a thief on the loose. The wind howls in reprieve: this is how nature says sorry for what a tragedy humiliation has fallen over the country today.

November 18 marks the day of the clandestine burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, much to the rage of anti-Marcos protesters, human rights advocates, student activists, and concerned citizens.

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My heart still
breaks a little
at the sound of
your name.

I wonder where
you are, or how
you have been
or how many nights like
these passed by without
you noticing or
remembering that
once, on an August night
we were together
and you were mine.

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Child of the Cosmos

Have you ever looked at people
and told yourself that
one day you are going to
write about them?
about how her lips pursed as she
uttered every syllable like a
prayer before a God
that is not there;
about how the sound of her strange
pronunciation floated like mist
over the fading of consciousness;
about the silver tongue you wish
you could erase
if only to break the barrier
that is language.

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Elastic Hearts

If we could bend
Like plastic time
To fit through gaps
And twisted crevices

If we could flex
Our lonely insides
For jaded souls
That need not saving

If we could coil
And then recoil
And flutter away
Like woodpeckers do

If we could flinch
In freezing silence
Who would remember
What fools we were

If we could bend
After we are broken
This heart elastic
And rubber soul