Beauty Review: Sheet Mask & Peel Off Mask Haul from Watsons

Hello everyone! I’m going to share some of the sheet masks and peel off masks that I got from my recent trip to Watsons. (And by recent, I mean last month haha) I wasn’t able to post this mini haul on my blog last month as I was terribly lazy and in no mood to write or to take pictures back then. Yikes!

But today, I am glad to finally put up this blog post and to share with you some of the newest sheet masks in my collection.

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Beauty Review: Lebaton Sheet Mask

Hello everyone! Today’s blog post is a review on these essence sheet masks from the K-Beauty brand named Lebaton. This brand offers a decent range of skincare products made from the finest natural ingredients and housed in simple unique packaging.

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Beauty Review: Unboxing My Mini Mask Haul from Althea Korea

Hello everyone! Today I have another unboxing post to share with all of you. I know it has been a while since I last shared a shopping haul from Althea. I am not too crazy on spending on skincare lately because, as I have mentioned in my previous posts, I am trying to use up the products that I have in my stash before plunging into new purchases.

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Beauty Review: Testing out this Easy & Simple Korean Skincare Hack using Cotton Pads

I’m pretty sure that if there is one thing we K-Beauty lovers can’t get enough of, it would be sheet masks. No die-hard K-Beauty fan can possibly deny the convenience sheet masks bring in hydrating and moisturizing our skin.

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Beauty Review: Y.E.T Don’t Worry Mask Sheet

Hello everyone! Today’s beauty review is all about these cute and adorable sheet masks from a young Korean beauty brand named Y.E.T (Yes! Enjoy Time). This brand carries a decent range of cosmetics and skincare products at budget-friendly prices.

Aside from their cutesy packaging, the thing that caught me most about these sheet masks was the price. At Althea Korea, these sheet masks retail for only 24 pesos!

I knew I had to get some of these because for a sheet mask newbie such as myself, I am still not prepared to spend a fortune over these highly-raved Korean skincare staple known as sheet masks without first exploring my cheaper options. Thank heavens there are plenty of affordable sheet masks around.

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Beauty Review: Shopping for Sheet Masks at Shopee PH

In my previous post, I wrote down a list of online shops where one can buy affordable, high-quality Korean sheet masks. For today’s blog post, I will be sharing my honest, first hand experience on shopping for sheet masks at one of these local online shops, namely The Cool Mom’s Shop.

The Cool Mom’s Shop offers affordable Korean beauty product at budget-friendly rates. I found out about the shop while scrolling mindlessly at Shopee and hunting for some new sheet masks to try.

The shop has instantly caught my attention because they offer the lowest prices for Korean sheet masks (priced at only PHP 15 each). At first, I had qualms about trying out their sheet masks but after checking all the positive reviews about the shop, I went on and gave them a try.

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Beauty Review: Where to Shop Online for the Most Affordable Korean Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have certainly come a long way in its venture as one of the most-raved and sought-after skin care product. Coming from its humble beginning in South Korea as an indispensable part of the iconic 10 steps Korean beauty regimen, sheet masks have now acquired a global status (as evident in the beauty trends of both the East and the West) and hailed as an all-time cult favorite among beauty and skin care enthusiasts alike.

Today’s blog post is a basic introduction to sheet masks and a simple guide on where to shop online for the most affordable Korean sheet masks.

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