Beauty Review: Skinfood Tomato Sun Cream SPF 36 PA ++

Sunscreens take the topmost spot in the list of my skincare essentials. I can go outside and get on with my day without anything on my face except for a layer or two of my favorite sunscreen. Continue reading “Beauty Review: Skinfood Tomato Sun Cream SPF 36 PA ++”


Beauty Bytes: My Sunscreen Essentials

Summer is just around the corner and for most people, it is that time of the year to scout the shelves for effective sunscreens.

But while it is important to be extra mindful in keeping our face and body safe from the sun this summer, every skincare manual stresses the equally important task of using sunscreen all year round.

Studies suggest that daily use of sunscreen not only lessens the chance of acquiring sunburn but reduces other potentially harmful sun damage as well.

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